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Case Study: Gayatri Kochar’s Transformation Journey


Discover the inspiring transformation of Gayatri Kochar, who achieved remarkable weight loss and overall health improvements through personalized guidance from our Dietician and weight loss expert Deepa Nandy Ma’m.

Client Overview

  • Name: Gayatri Kochar
  • Challenge: Struggled with weight loss for 5 years, seeking lasting and effective results.
  • Goals: Achieve significant weight loss, enhance energy levels, and improve overall well-being.

Client's Challenge:

Gayatri had been battling excess weight for half a decade, trying various methods without lasting success. Frustrated with the lack of results, she approached Deepa Nandy for expert guidance and support.



Deepa Nandy devised a personalized nutrition and exercise plan tailored to Gayatri’s specific needs and lifestyle. The key components of the solution included:

  • Dietary Adjustments: Deepa introduced balanced and nutritious meals, emphasizing protein intake and portion control.
  • Strength Training: Incorporated a suitable strength training regimen tailored to Gayatri’s fitness level and preferences.
  • Regular Check-ins: Weekly consultations with Deepa ensured continuous guidance, motivation, and accountability.


In just 3 months, Gayatri achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Weight Loss: Shed almost 7 kgs without resorting to starvation or excessive gym sessions.
  • Improved Health: Experienced increased energy levels and a cheerful disposition throughout the day.
  • Sustainable Habits: Adopted a healthier lifestyle with simple yet effective changes in eating and exercise habits.

Visiting Deepa for diet consultation has been pivotal in my weight loss journey. For the last 5 years, I tried every possible trick to lose weight without any lasting results. But Deepa just made a few adjustments to my eating and exercise habits which made all the difference. I lost almost 7 kgs in 3 months without starving or overly exerting in the gym. Few simple changes like eating more proteins and strength training is all it took to finally see that drop on the scale. Apart from weight loss, my overall health has improved. I feel more energetic and cheerful all day. Deepa is a wonderful guide who is so enthusiastic to share her knowledge and guides you throughout without being very restrictive. I loved meeting her every week for our check-ins which kept me motivated and on track.

Gayatri Kochar



Gayatri Kochar’s success story showcases the transformative power of personalized nutrition guidance and the expertise of Deepa Nandy. Through strategic dietary adjustments, appropriate exercise routines, and consistent support, Deepa empowered Gayatri to achieve her weight loss goals and embrace a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

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